Welcome home 123host

  • Thursday, 2nd April, 2015
  • 20:35pm
123host started about 5 years ago as a way for me to host a growing number of websites.  I offered a few friends some hosting space, they recommended friends and the word started spreading.

Without getting too techinical the service has moved from shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to a Dedicated Server as the number of customers and websites has grown...effectively doubling every year!

This week 123host has moved to a Dedicated Server in Australia, located in Brisbane.  I always support local businesses where I can and when it is viable to do so.  In the past it has been so much cheaper to have a server in the USA that it was an obvious solution.

But with the low Australian dollar the cost has balanced out to the point where the expiration of my VPS contract coincided with outgrowing the VPS.

The move to the local server hasn't been without headaches, that's for sure.  But the fact that I finally can come up for air and write this means everything has settled down.

Hopefully the current server will last a couple of years at least, by which time I might even need a staff member :P

Thank you for your support and patience with everything. It makes the hard times easier to handle.

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