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I recommend you to everyone because of this kinda support. You're amazing.Sian S.
Damn you're quick! And thorough. And I appreciate both haha! I'm not surprised, and I'm grateful for all your help.Sheree B.

Thank you for your trouble. You are so kind Victoria McD.
You're so great, we both appreciate your support a lotTim & Roshini
Thanks so much Steve 🙂 Sarah McC.
Thanks Steve, you're a champion.Bruce L.
It works!!!! Wonderful :) Thank you so much Steve. This was an even better solution than I'd originally thought, so I really appreciate your help. Amanda V.
Thank you, I really appreciate your help! You're amazing.Cher D.
Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for your legendary support moving our hosting and tidying up all our email address redirections and moving our website. Such a massive help I can't even begin to explain.Meg G.
You Star!!Lisa B.
Hi Steve. I can't believe how promptly and thoroughly you replied to my email! Wow - thankyou so much.Rachel O.
Thank you SO MUCH Steve! Really appreciate you jumping onto it so quickly!Crystal K.
Amazing thank you so much for your helpTracey S.
You are amazing. I'm sending the biggest thank you for sorting this out for me, now I will sleep soundly tonight. Jill C.
This is brilliant . Thank you for fixing! This is all up and running.Sally S.
Amazing!Carita G.
You are magnificent! Thank you Steve!!Nelle G.
Steve you're the man!Thomas R.
Thank you! You are the best!Krystal W.
Thanks Steve, once again your service is outstandingMardi A.
You've always given me great service - the best!Belinda Y.
You're a legend...thanks so much Steve.Cynthia T.
Thank you! Always super fabulous supportTeena I.
Thank you so much for all of your help over the years, you have consistently provided such a high level of support, it has been greatly appreciated. I will definitely be signing back up for your hosting services when I am ready to start again, and I will continue to recommend 123Host to others in my network.Rebecca S.
Thank you so so much! Very helpful! :)Rebecca N.
Thanks so much Steve. That's great!Maddi L.
Thanks so much for updating me. Appreciate it! You're a legend. Bridie G.
Thank you so much Steve. You're a life saver. I so appreciate your tech support with this.Ondine S.
Geeez ur amazing Thanks Steve Nelle G.
Glad to see you're still a total pro! Thanks so much for always taking the time to explain these things to me :) Jessica C.
Steve you're seriously amazing, I'm so appreciative of all the help you give such a tech-challenged person like me Shannon F.
Thank you so much again for your honesty, Steve!! Appreciate you!!Ellie S.
You legend!!! Thank you so much for speedy excellent service as always!Tracey P.
Thanks for everything Steve, you always go above and beyond!Shannon F.
Thank you for all your help! You are awesome! I would like to review you (tell me where)Anabel R.
Thank you for all of your support. Amazing.Tiare S.
You're a gem, Steve - thank you!Koren H.
Legend! Thank you so so much!Grace H.
You're awesome, thank youNadine H.
Brilliant!Dr Alaina T.
Steve, you are a legend. Thank you again for being a awesome human being. Cheers. Donnie C.
You are the bestVenessa M.
You're the best Steve thanks so much for fixing this!Shannon F.
OMG you are amazing :-)Jenelle S.
Amazing thank you! Ashe H.
Thank you!!! Youre the greatest! :)Rebecca N.
Steve! You're the best!Kate McG.
you're a legendKarolina
Thanks for all your amazing help!Elle L.
Wow - you're amazing!!!!David A. ;o)
Thanks so much Steve. Really appreciate your prompt help with this one! Ellie D.
You are awesomeIsabelle D.
Thank you - you're amazing!!Wendy R.
You are a computer-angel who makes this tech world feel so much safer.Lisa B.
The level of service you provide is exemplary - we will be singing your praises far and wide!Lillie B.
I think we're cooking with Gas Steve!!! You're a legend!Shannon F.
Thanks for being such a big help as alwaysSabrina M.
Thank you for all your help Steve! You're amazing!!Leanne MacK.
You really are amazing, Steve! Thank you!Amanda F.
You've done an amazing job and you're a life saver.Rebecca C.
Legend - thank you!Koren H.
As always, thanks Steve you're the best!Shannon F.
Thank you Steve it's working now. You're the best!Summer B.
Thank you very much Steve...You're always very helpful!Anna W.
Legit... you're a sterling fellow :) Eos A.
The level of service you provide is exemplary - we will be singing your praises far and wide!Lillie B.
Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I really appreciate it. This is such great news 🤍Dayna E.
Much appreciation to you as always for your great customer service!Suzanne B.
Steve you're a bloody legend!Tracey C.
Thank you Steve. You are a legend!Suzanne W.
Steve as always, you are beyond amazing.Shannon F.
Thank you for your impeccable commitment to customer service, you are a gem! You are certainly one remarkable human being, Steve! Thank you!Nelle G.
Prompt as always!Sharon S.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!! Legendary as always.Katherine M-S.
Steve!! It worked!! Thank you!!! I really appreciate how patient you’ve been with me. Sally S.
My word, you are a superstar! Thank you dearly!!!!!Nelle G.
Much appreciation to you as always for your great customer service! Suzanne B.
Steve you’re a bloody legend!Tracey C.
You give amazing support. What a beautiful way to start 2021.Lisa B.
You're a legend. Thank you!Suzanne B.
You're a genius! Thank you so much.Victoria M.
Gahhhhhh you've got me stretching and expanding my notions of what REAL customer service is. You are incredible. You. Are. The. Actual. Best.Nelle G.
Thanks Steve! You are too good :-)Emma D.
I just wanted to say.... you are an outstanding human being!Michael G.
Thank you! What an amazing job you've done, I'm so grateful!Missy R.
Thank you again Steve, you're an amazing human. So rare!Nelle G.
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your help and impeccable service Tracey C.
Thanks mate, as always you are awesome!Ben P.
Thank you so much for your amazing speedy response. Fraser H.
Fantastic, thank you for jumping on this one so fast. I appreciate the speedy assistance.Hugh N.
Place an order and you'll discover what inspired these comments and loads more. When 14 days are up, if you don't agree, 123Host will cheerfully refund 100% of your hosting cost.
Thanks Steve. Great suggestions. Efficient service as alwaysLisa B.
...your customer service is second to none I assure you!Sammy H.
Thanks, Steve. I don't know what I'd do without you ;)Di M.
Thank you for your, always, super serviceEmma D.
Thanks again for your help with this - amazing support and turnaround time, as always!Rebecca S.
My goodness you are fast. Thank you very much Steve, that is amazing service.David P.
So appreciative Steve. Thank you. Thank you.Lisa B.
Thanks Steve! Once again, you provide amazing customer service!Elle L.
Legend. Thanks SteveCadell B.
thanks Steve, as always you've saved the day!Shannon F.
You're awesome, ThankyouMichelle S.
Thanks again Steve. You are excellent at sorting issues in a very timely manner. which is much appreciated.Peter M.
Thanks so much SteveEmily G.
Legend. Thanks. All sorted.Cassandra H.
Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly!Katherine M-S.
Thank you so very much. I am very impressed with your service.Shalom J.
Legend thank you very much!!Liam S.
I need to tell you that your support has been an instrumental part of my growth in avoiding the ‘panic' I have felt for many years around the Internet. I used to just shut everything down and try and disappear. An email/notification like the one I received would have made me feel like I was being totally invaded by an unknown source, however my first thought now is 'Steve will probably know what is going on’. There is a reassurance with you ‘being there’. So thank you once again Steve. Your service has provided me with an opportunity to supported in a world that is certainly not one I have been comfortable with.Lisa B.
I'm very impressed with the level of service I've had so far with 123Host as opposed to other online services.Victoria McD.
Thank you as always for your super prompt replies and awesome service!Sammy H.
My lifesaver as always Steve! THANK YOU!!!! What would I ever do without you!!!!! :) :) Sammy H.
Thank you so much for your assistance Steve. Always make it so much easier than it would be otherwise.Lauren A.
You're the best!!Leanne W.
123Host is agile and most of our rules are bendable. Need more disk space or bandwidth? Just ask. What other hosting service does that?
Thank you Steve. Super efficient! Danielle G.
It is soooo true what (my designer) said about you, your customer service is outstanding. Yeah I am so happy I choose your company to host & create my domain name. Thank you.Simone K.
Thank you so very much. I am very impressed with your service.Janice E.
For the record (changing host) has absolutely nothing to do with you as a host as you have been beyond brilliant, but everything to do with wordpress and modern design and ease of change ie: no coding. Thanks so much for everything you have done so farMelanie W.
Brilliant - fantastic service. Thank you!John Paul W.
you're awesome! is there a rating thing I do for you? you need all the stars :-)Nadine H.
It's all sorted but it's great to know you're there if we have any queries. Thank you!!!!Jo B.
Like always, thanks a billion Steve!Crystal K.
Steve you are a superstar and I honestly can not thank you enough! Add it to the IOU list and I am sure i can return a favour one day :) Thanks so much again you have helped me more than you know and saved my laptop from being damaged hahaSammy H.
Thanks sooooo much Steve... Roshini McC.
Thanks again - awesome support as always!Rebecca S.
You're amazing - thank you Steve.Carly S.
12/10 service as always Steve! Appreciate your assistance :)Molly J.
Thanks Steve, love your work!Amy McG.
Thanks for your hard work. I appreciated it even if others don't know what you do.Vicky B.
Thanks Steve, you're fast. Appreciate your rapid support!Clancy A.
Amazing! Thank you. You're awesome! Many thanks. Ondine S.
Thanks so much! Phew...So glad we have you. Here is a superhero image to light up your day :-)Eriana B.
Thanks so much Steve for doing a fantastic job and always being very supportive when needed!Melina D.
Perfect. You're the best. Thank you!Annie F.
Thank you! You're wonderful :)Mish S.
Thanks so much Steve, you've been a star!Sonya R.
You're such a beautiful man! Thank you for all of your help in the beginning of my business! xTara B.
Amazing! seriously is there anything you can't do!Shannon T.
We strive for excellent customer support. Most months, at least 75% of support tickets are answered within 4 hours! Unheard of!
You are literally THE best human I have ever known and I think I love you!Leanne G.
You are a LEGEND! It worked. THANK YOU Jessie J.
Thank you so much for working on a Sunday to (get my email up and running). I really appreciate that!Angie K.
You are a gem. Thanks Steve!Belinda M.
Fantastic, thank you Steve! Great work!Megan A.
So amazing thank you!Kelle H-D.
thanks for doing such a great job this yearNicole R.
Ahhhhh! You go above and beyond! Thank you so much for all of this.Alana H.
Speedy Gonzales with your support as usualTracey S.
you're the expertEllen R.
You're amazing, truly, I will recommend you to anyone anytime! Thank you so much. :)Cher D.
Thanks Steve, you're a champ! Angie R.
You are so sweet, thank you.Saleena H.
Legend! Thank you so much SteveRachel R.
Oh wow you are amazing thank you! Amy P.
Thanks so much for all you do Steve, appreciate your help greatly! :)Melina D.
you're so awesome!Lillie C.
We love you.Tim H.
Thank you for your quick revert. You're amazing.Nicky R.
Steve, mate, you went way beyond the level of support I was expecting, exceptional work! Thanks so much, even the SSL is working on the new domain. You deserve a promotion!Ross G.
As always Steve, you're a star! thank youShannon T.
Holy moly that was quick! thank youCassandra H.
You have always treated me with such kindness and answered all my silly questions. I wish you and your business so much success and will always recommend you as a fabulous website host. I wanted to make sure I let you know how grateful I have been and how wonderful I think your service is. You have constantly given your all, thank you!Jenni R.
Thank you so much your awesome. You have no idea how much I appreciate your time and effort thank you so very much. Ellice D.
Thanks Steve, you are so quick and helpful!Sarah O.
You are a legend!! Thank you Steve!! Kate W.
Thanks for your getting this happening so quick Steve, I appreciate your great service.Tanya M.
Steve - I've said it before and I'll say it again. You're the best.Brooke O.
Thanks a million team, great team effort to get this one over the lineAnna W.
OMG!! It worked! You are a bloody miracle worker!!! Well there's 3 hours just wasted!!! Thank you!!!!!!! So much!!!!! You're amazing!Emily C.
Legend thanks Steve!Will R.
You are amazingGenine H.
So beautiful Steve - thank you for making everything quick and easy and relieving me of so much stress.Lisa B.
Oh you bloody legend. Thanks so much for your speedy responseTracey S.
Thanks so much Steve for your quick response as always!Mandie M.
Thank you so much! Amazing work!Simran S
Steve - You're amazing!!! I hate to leave 123Host - your customer service is phenomenal! I just don't know how to do my website. As they say..."it's not's me" :( Thank you SO much and I will definitely recommend your business to anyone looking for hosting!Darien A
WOOHOOO! It's working! And once again Steve is the superhero of the day. So now you've given me a brand new reason to drink a bottle of wine tonight!! Celebrations, here we come!! Thanks a mill for your help and solving it so quickly. Much appreciated!Eriana B
Thanks so much! Really appreciate your help, Steve :)Juliet A
You're the best! Thank you so much! All done, that's perfect! I really appreciate you fixing that Steve.Che J
Freaking legend!!!!! 100% happy! Thank youLea M
Thanks Steve, you are awesome. Always so responsive!Ben P
Wow. thanks Steve - above and beyond!Lisa F
Thanks so much! As always, you are amazing!! Jessie K
Thanks so much for your prompt service! Amazing. :)Monika B
Thanks so much Steve, you're a legendEmma D
Perfect! You're the best, thanks Steve, just what I was after :-)Kathryn G
You're the best!Genine H
Thanks for your help. I've learnt not to panic when things go wrong now as you always have my back.Rachel R
I really appreciate the great support you provide, 123Host has been such a huge help while I have been building my business, so thank you!Rebecca S
Awesome service Elissa C
You're very resourceful Steve.Franc Z
Amazing! I appreciate the clear instructions and the prompt reply for a Sunday morning!Sally S
Steve, you are an absolute gem! I don't know how you do these things.Melanie G
Thank you so much, Steve. Your service is the best.Carly S
I've never met service like this. So glad we are working together. I wish every company was like you. Words just don't say it.Paul McK-S
OMG. Thank you Steve! You are a legend :)A Different Emma D
Thanks Super Steve. You're awesome and I will highly recommend you whenever I can xxAnother Emma D
You're a genius. Thank heavens for people that know about this techie stuff ;)Leisa F
You're amazing!! Thank youLauryce M
PERFECT!!!!! Thanks so much for all your help Steve!!!Alex M
Oh my goodness that was the quickest reply in history! Thank you so much Steve!!! Like usual, you ROCK!Crystal K
Oh Steve - you're so wonderful! Thank you.Loveday W
You. Are. Amazing! Thank You :)Jessica K
Thanks again for your help - fantastic support as always!Rebecca S
Thank you! Really appreciate the effort you have gone to to resolve our issues.Bridie G
You are an absolute saint, I am not worthy!! Thank you!!!Emma D
Ahhhh! Thanks Steve! You're a legend!!! :)Sarah P
Steve thank you so much for sorting out wordpress for me! So glad I emailed you and went with Wordpress instead of Weebly!Sarah M
Thank you SO much Steve - for ALL your help. Seriously telling EVERYONE about your service. I'm very grateful for all your help.Darien A
You've been amazing I'm into the cpanel now and all going smoothly (so far!). Thanks a lot and appreciate how much help you have given me.Emma D
Thanks so much Sir Steve, you speedy superstar!Megan G
Amazing! As always, thanks for your help Steve. :)Amy B
Amazing!!! Thanks so much Steve :)Alex M
thanks for the speedy reply Steve, you rock!Shannon T
Thank you very much for picking up on (our mistake), that's why I always host with you guys :)Mandie M
You're fantastic! Thanks so much for taking care of this for me!!Sara L
Thanks Steve! Awesome service, as always!!Amanda F
Thanks so much Steve - you're a star!Lucy E
Thank you so much! Legend!Grace H
Thank you so much Steve!!! You're the BEST!Helen C
You are amazing and your customer service is the best I've ever had. I promise to back up before I do anything from now on.Kate D
Oh Steve - you're a legend!! I wasn't expecting you to get back to me this late on Friday night ;) I would definitely love to become an affilate - the level of customer service is impeccableKarla P
All the information makes perfect sense and may I please add, what amazing service you have and it's only been 5 minutes. Rachel was right in recommending you, so thank you...Caroline Z
thanks Steve. I would be in a world of pain without youNikki F
Thanks Steve. You're great!Sandy L
You're a star!!! Farewell Outlook. Thank you!Sian Y
Amazing! As always, thanks for your help Steve. :)Amy B
You're a legend. Have a great weekend!Cynthia T
Thanks again for your help - much appreciated! Belinda Y
Oh my god... I lost a whole day of my life yesterday trying to work that out. YOU ARE THE BEST. Thanks SOOOOOOO (infinity) much for all of your help! Honestly, I am happy to pay you for your time if you'd like to send me an invoice. (No, there was no invoice) I know that you've gone WAY above and beyond to help and I am super appreciative :)Belinda P
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help installing my new WP theme. The new theme is LIVE and I am loving it!Emily B
Thanks so much Steve. Genius.Elizabeth B
too awesome. Thanks StevePaul M-S
Thank you so much for all your time and support, I really appreciate it.Sarah A
I always appreciate your help. I love that you solve my problems.Saleena H
Thanks so much Steve, you are a star!Fraser H
You're a legend. Thank you so much! Georgia S
Gahh! You are amazing!! A thousand thank you's you brilliant man :)Jessica K
Thank you so much Steve!Shannon M
Clever manLisa M
Appreciate your help as always - there's really no one else like you. :)Helen C
YOU are awesome!!!! Service is outstanding Thank you Rechelle McK
You're amazing! Thank you ❤Emma D
You are the best! Why anyone would host with anyone else is beyond me!Lauryce M
genius. Looks fixed. All updates completed. thanks, Steve. Awesome, and much appreciated.Paul M-S
You're a true legend, please know I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone, I can't thank you enough for helping me get this back up and running! Yay!Katherine M-S
AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much Steve! Tara C
You are such a legend! Thank you so much! Mandi K
Awesome service.Amy M
Hey Incredible Steve, You are such a legend. Life's been hectic lately and this (invoice) slipped between the cracks. Paying you right now. Thanks for being so great.Meg O'S
Legend thanks Steve :)Ashe C-H
It works! That's all that matters to me! Thanks so much Sir Steve, you speedy superstar!Megan G
You're a jet! A bazillion thanks :)Belinda P
You've been amazing I'm into the cpanel now and all going smoothly (so far!). Thanks a lot and appreciate how much help you have given me.Emily B (again!)
You 100% live up to your tagline of giving the level of service you wish to receive, virtual high five!Emily B
Thanks so much you're the BESTRechelle M
Thanks for your help. Your customer service has been amazing!Megan G
Thanks Steve, Definitely recommend 123Host. You have been amazing and VERY patient.Darian A
You've been an awesome help. Thanks for going the extra mile with this, especially on a Friday afternoon at this time of year!Rachel R
Oh Steve I'm so grateful! I'm so glad I changed host providers. You da bomb!Che J
Thank you so much. I always know I can count on you to fix my problems quickly [;)]Erin W
You legend you!!! Thank you SO MUCH for fixing this up for me - really appreciate it!Crystal K
YOURE AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND, thank you so much Steve!Ella C
Oh you're fantastic :) Thank you!!Connie C
Thanks Steve! Love your work :-)Stephanie R
Superstar! thank you SteveMolly J
You're a genius, thank you !Lynne N
Thanks Steve, you're a legend!Melanie M
Thanks Steve you are a life saver!Shannon T
Thanks so much Steve. Your service is the best!!Leah D
Your service is second to none!! Thanks Steve ;-)Gen F
Gah! You're seriously amazing.Sarah P
Thanks Steve! Legend.Kimara H
You are the best Steve! But I've told you that a million times already. Brooke O
Steve you are a star, thank you so muchFraser H
Your service has been amazing 👌👌👌Rechelle M
You are my favourite ;) <3 Leanne Mac K
Thanks so much for your great update and fantastic service, Steve. I really appreciate it.Carly S
Thank you again for doing this for me! You are amazing!!Leanne Mac K
I've been really happy with the service and care you provideJanelle C
Thanks Steve, you're a legend!Melanie M
I'm always super impressed with how fast you work. I really appreciate it. ThanksErin W
superstar. thanks Steve!Shannont T
Thank you for all your awesome service, you have been a joy to work with.Tarnya C
YOU are a legend. Thank you so much.Penelope Y
Legendary service as always. Thank you Steve.Rachel W
Thanks so much Steve! You are a star!Kathy G
Steve, you truly are a legend! Cannot thank you enough, and such speedy service!Amelia R
Your service is second to none!! Thanks Steve ;-)Gen F
Steve, you are the best! Thank you for saving it all and thank you for being so patient and understanding with someone like me who with this kind of thing knows next to nothing about what I'm doing.Amy N
You always know the answer!! Thanks SteveKimara R
WOW Thanks Steve!!! I didn't expect a reply until Monday! I really appreciate your help. The customer service is incredible!!!Darian A
Thanks a MILLION...! You saved me...Eriana B
Steve – I appreciate you VERY MUCH. Thank you for being incredibly helpful and prompt and decent.Saleena H
Hi Steve, You are awesome.Libby B
Oh my gosh! You're amazing!!!Megan G
Thanks for your great service SteveWanda C
thanks so much for your brilliant serviceJenni R
Thank you so much Steve. You certainly do provide wonderful customer service.Amy N
Wow your observation and level of service is impressive!!Jaymin G
Thank you so much for all your awesome help Sir Steve! You are the best.Megan G
In case you can't see that emoji, my mouth is hanging open right now! I can't believe you set that all up for me - thank you thank you thank you so much!! Crystal K
Thank you for fixing it for me. Always awesome.Saleena H
You're amazing!!Megan G
It so nice that you always try to help no matter what I ask. I really appreciate it! Nice to work with a company in support that really knows how to support properly and always go out of your way!Eriana B
Yes, yes, yes! That is EXACTLY what I'm after! Did I tell you that you're awesome?! Michelle P
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help!Ella C
YOU ARE AWESOME. Thank you!Carly S
Once again you have over delivered on good service. We are lucky to have you.Chantal R
Oh wow that's a new level of quick! Thank you.Ariadne K
Amazing!! Thank you again. I'd be lost without you!Chantelle van der W (again)
Thanks for the top service ALL the time!Chantelle van der W
Steve, as always you are beyond amazing. thanks for the sound advice!Shannon T
Thanks for your help again Steve. Your service never disappoints!Tara C (again!)
Thank you so much Steve, I really appreciate your speedy response :)Tara C
As always, Steve was was very helpful and responded quickly to my query. His response was clear and I appreciate him taking the time to confirm that I had understood his recommended course of action. Great support!Rebecca S
Since you are still scrolling you either enjoy reading words of praise or aren't convinced. Either way, give 123Host a risk-free try.
Steve you are amazing! Thank you SO much!!Crystal K
WOW YIPEeEeEeEeEeE thanks so very much for all that you have done, your efforts have been above and beyond and I really appreciate all of your help and time with this. Thanks Steve. Brilliant Ellice deG
Awesome service thank you Jaymin G
Thank you again for your super customer service Molly J
Yes it worked!!!! Woohoo!! I have no idea what you did but you are some kind of genius Crystal K
Thanks for you help and service over the past 12 months - I feel like I've found someone I can work with to keep my website up and running and going where I want it to go - and because I'm working on this being my primary source of income that's of great value to me Carolyn F
You are awesome! Jade B
You are a legend!!! Thank you so much. Brooke O
Gosh you're good! Have I told you lately how amazing you are - thanks Steve! Brooke 0 (again!)
Just wanted to say thanks for all of the support you are giving us - it is greatly appreciated for someone like me who isn't so up on all the techy side of things. Sarah B
Thanks again for the care you extend to your clients. Really appreciate it!! ChantalR
You rock! Many thanks :)Jenni R
I really appreciate your help - your service has been amazing! Amelia H
THANK YOU your instructions are so clear and I am now in and working!!!! Gosh the stuff it takes to follow our dreams - lucky we have people like you to make them happen. Lauren G
Wonderful speedy service, thanks so much! Carly S
I just want to thank you for the amazing job you're doing and continue to do. You seriously rock and make this whole thing seem like it's nothing (I know it's huge) so I just wanted to say thank you and keep doing what you do! Mandi
Thanks for keeping us updated, as usual you go above and beyond the call of duty! Di M
You are awesome. That is all. :) Amelia W