Important Update: New PayPal Payment Method Integration

  • 4th June 2024
We are excited to announce that we have implemented a new PayPal integration to our payment system. This upgrade will replace the old PayPal subscription payment method previously in use. Action Required: If you have been using PayPal to pay for our services, please note that you may need to contact us to change your default payment method back ...
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Scheduled network interuption

  • 20th November 2020
The data centre housing the 123host server has advised the following To address some network instability issues on a border switch device in our network we are replacing a switch in this window. Services in Sydney will see brief disruption in this window (expected to be under 10 minutes) while physical ports are moved from the problematic device ...
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Access billing and more through cpanel

  • 8th February 2016
A while back the billing software I used was bought out by cpanel, the organisation that makes the web panel you use.They have slowly been encouraging the two pieces of software to mate and now you are able to do most tasks from one or the other.In the 123host client area you can now create email addresses and order domains and do transfers and ...
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Create a new look and a job for myself

  • 19th July 2015
The software that drives this site has just been upgraded. ?It came with a new look client area (log in and check it out), so I backed up the existing template, tried out the new one and decided it needed some work.I then restored the backup. ?This was no big deal, I had simply renamed the folder. ?But do you think naming it back worked? ?Of ...
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