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You don't necessarily need hosting, it is only needed if you have a website or want to use your domain for email.

Domains and hosting are like cars and registration.

Just like with a car, you register your domain through a registrar or reseller e.g. 123host.au This gives you ownership of the domain for as long as you pay the registration.

Just like a car, if you want to use your domain, you have to park it somewhere.  You then have a number of options:

  • Park your domain - don't do anything with it, just have it safely looked after
  • Redirect your domain - have visitors go directly to another site.  You might do this if you have a .com and the same domain, but .au
  • Email only - just like it sounds.  Full email services but no website
  • Website hosting - 123host has hosting to suit your needs

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