123host.au Privacy Policy

Our lawyer charges $360 per hour, so let's keep them out of this and use some common sense. It doesn't get much more simple than this:

123Host is going to collect some information from you so that we can provide you with web hosting and other services.

Except where we need to share your data to provide you with a service (e.g. domain registration), your information is held on a server based in Australia and will not be shared with anyone. Obviously, if we are required to provide information by a government agency with a legitimate and uncontestable request, we will do so.

Apart from domain registration related matters, you should not be contact by anyone outside of 123Host - if you are, please contact us urgently. If you have ordered a .com domain (and some others) and have not also ordered domain privacy, it is almost certain that you will receive calls and emails offering web development services - they have found your details in publicly accessible data via the whois service.

If you choose to use software, including WordPress and associated plugins, you may be sharing data with 3rd parties who may then use it as they see fit. Similarly, if you use products from companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc, you are 100% certain to be sharing data with them. This is all outside the control of 123host.

Steve, the 123Host owner, has been a long time anti-spam activist and continues to work quietly (futilely?), helping to counter some of the annoyances (such as spam) and dangers (such as malware) on the internet.