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This is not legalese, our lawyer charges $360 per hour, so let's keep them out of this and use some common sense.

123host will always do our best to give you the level of service we offer and you expect, however no system is perfect. We rely on 3rd party services for domains, servers, financial management and more. Sometimes they break and it is completely out of our control. Keeping that in mind, we will always do our best to keep things working properly. You might like to see our privacy policy

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123host is an agent and reseller of services provided by a domain registrar. Ultimately you are responsible for keeping your domain registered and the registration details up to date. We have an automated process to generate invoices for domain renewal. If a domain is about to expire, we will generally do our best to warn you, but we don't spot them all. The price of various domain extensions will vary from time to time and they may be passed on to you from the next renewal payment if you already own a domain.



There are so many variables involved with websites that 123host can't be responsible for ensuring your individual website is working. We will always do our best to ensure that the server is up and running, however that doesn't guarantee your site is working. 123host support will investigate any individual site outages either on request or if our monitoring detects a problem. We will always do our best to fix problems caused by the site itself but can't guarantee that we will be able to do that, some websites are very complex. If a problem is caused by 123host we will do our best to fix things and go above and beyond expectations, but there is still no 100% certainty that an issue can be fixed.

We don't do any design work or content manipulation, however we may help remedy problems on your site if they are relatively simple and within the scope of our knowledge. Even then, we will always ask you for permission before making a change or advise you if it was something critical that couldn't wait.

Websites are relatively easy to hack. Yours might not seem like an important enough target, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. 123host reserves the right to suspend an account if any aspect of it could cause problems for the entire server. This includes a spam event, malware, offensive content (as defined by 123host) or anything else we decide warrants an account being suspended. We would never do this lightly, but some things (sending of spam, even unwittingly) can affect all users on the server.

We are pretty easy going with most things but 123host makes no apologies for strong security. Sometimes this leads to the firewall getting a little touchy and blocking legitimate users for perceived breaches. We can fix that if we know, but we would rather see one customer inconvenienced briefly than the entire server compromised.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of our attitudes. If there is something specific you want to know, open a support ticket from https://123host.au



We offer to migrate websites sites from another service to 123host for a fee. Understand that it is almost impossible to exactly clone a website unless it is WordPress -> WordPress from another self-hosted site (not WordPress.com). If we can't do it to your satisfaction, we will refund your full fee. Simple as that.



123host offers a WordPress administration management service. By subscribing to this service you agree to allow 123host full administrative access to the dashboard of your wordpress site. This is facilitated by the installation of the 123host WP Management plugin which is provided by a 3rd party service to which 123host subscribes.

The purpose of the tool is update of WordPress, themes and plugins, security scans, monitoring uptime and more, all on your behalf. We are extremely unlikely to interfere with content unless specifically asked or if our monitoring detects an issue, in which case, unless it was critical, we may contact you first for permission.

The purpose of this is a service is to support you and at that same time make it easier for 123host to do that from a central point.